Design Lower Back Tattoos

Design Lower Back Tattoos By Using Your Imagination

lower back tattoos

Tattoos are quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of self-expression.

As an art form, tattoos are often sophisticated, deeply creative and meaningful ways for people to give tribute to the things that hold meaning for them, or to capture a significant time or event in their life.

One popular location for a tattoo is the lower back. Lower back tattoos can be placed in the middle of the back, or to one side. They can be very small, or quite large, spreading all the way across, from side to side.

In the past, lower back designs were often tribal, Celtic or scrolling in design, and these are still prominent, and can be very attractive. However, any design can be used on the lower back and look great.

When you're choosing a design for your lower back tattoo, don't rush to pick something. Take your time to think about what has significance for you. You don't have to choose a traditional style unless you want to.

Many people are choosing tattoo designs of animals, such as a bird in flight, or perched on a limb, insects (to look like they are crawling along the top of your waist band), butterflies, Koi fish, cats, or any other favorite animal or pet. Your tattoo artist can add artful details, and make the animal look very realistic, or even cartoonish.
lower back tattoos

Another popular design style for lower back tattoos is words. You might have a favorite lyric to a song, or a meaningful quote that you'd like to have as a tattoo. The lower back is a great place for this.

The design can be simply the words, or you can have art added if you feel it would add beauty or more meaning to the words.